Oregon Small Estate Affidavit | Affidavit of Heirship

Oregon allows grieving families to file either an affidavit of heirship, or different types of small estate affidavits, to claim ownership of a small estate after a decedent passes away without a last will and testament. Probate can take time and money, which grieving families might wish to avoid. Affidavits to avoid probate allow successors to administer and distribute their deceased loved one’s property among themselves, as they wish or as they believe the decedent would wish.

Affidavit of Heirship: When 30 days have passed since a loved one passed away in Oregon, successors may file an affidavit of heirship to collect $50,000 of bank accounts, trusts, final paychecks, life insurance policies, and heirlooms.

Small Estate Affidavit: Oregon allows heirs to collect real estate valued as much as $90,000.

Boat Inheritance Affidavit: Oregon offers a separate affidavit for successors to transfer the title of a boat in a decedent’s name if an heir was not specified in the decedent’s will.

DMV Vehicle Inheritance Affidavit: Successors may file an affidavit of inheritance for vehicles, not including boats, with the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles, as long as the vehicles do not value more than $50,000.

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The Oregon affidavit of heirship is covered by statutes ORS 114.505 to 114.560. The successor(s) may file 30 days after the decedent passes away, and the value of personal property including bank accounts, trusts, debts like final paychecks, life insurance policies, and heirlooms cannot exceed $50,000. The decedent may have…

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In Oregon, if a decedent passes away without a will, their estate normally goes to probate court to be distributed among successors. However, the grieving family can avoid probate for certain items, such as boats, as long as they value less than $50,000. Title transfers normally move to surviving spouses…

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Loved ones may avoid probate court in Oregon if a loved one passes away without a will. To claim the decedent’s vehicle, a specific form called the Affidavit of Inheritance for Vehicles must be filed with the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). However, the vehicles, not including boats, must…

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Oregon small estate affidavits may be filed by successors to claim real estate or other tangible property left by a decedent, as long as it values less than $90,000. The state requires specific successors to file – surviving spouses, blood relatives, or successors listed in the decedent’s will, if there…