Alaska Small Estate Affidavit | Affidavit of Heirship

The Alaska affidavit forms are known as general sworn statements that obtains an affiant’s information after someone has died in an attempt to recover a part of or the whole estate. The document must be written in pursuant with Title 13, Chapter 16 of the State Statutes.

Heirship Laws – No set rules by the State although Heirship is recognized thirty (30) days after the death of the individual.

Small Estate Laws – Claims may be made by individuals who believe they have a case for possession of a decedent’s property that is valued, less any debts and/or encumbrances, of $100,000 or under. The total amount of the vehicle value cannot be over $50,000. A.n affidavit is required for every vehicle. 13-16-690 & 13-16-695.

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The Alaska affidavit of heirship is a form used by family member(s), heir(s), or a spouse to claim real estate that is believed to be rightfully after someone dies. This form may only be used if the decedent did not write a last will and testament while alive. The county…

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Download the Alaska DMV affidavit of an estate for a vehicle may be completed by an affiant who is the successor of the previous owner due to death. Pursuant to AS 13.16.680(a) the total value of all vehicles handed down to the affiant may not be more than one-hundred thousand dollars…

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The Alaska small estate affidavit, also known as Form P-110, is a document used to make a claim on the assets of a decedent after all property has been dispersed to the family and the rightful heir(s). Sworn Statement Closing Small Estate (Form P-350) – After the Personal Representative has administered the property…