Florida Small Estate Affidavit

Both affidavits of heirship and small estate affidavits are administered under chapter 733.203 and following, as the same document. If an estate is uncomplicated and values less than $75,000, the successors may petition for an affidavit to avoid probate court. They must do so within 2 years of the decedent’s passing, however, or the estate will either go through probate or become null.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word (.doc).

Step 2 – Enter the following into the form:

  • Header – Enter Superior Court (See List)
  • Name of Decedent
  • Date of Birth
  • Case Number
  • Check the three (3) boxes depending on your situation
  • Date and Sign
  • Verification – On the last page you will be required to verify that everything you have stated is true and accurate

Step 3 – File the form with the proper clerk or courthouse.