Alabama Small Estate Affidavit

The Alabama small estate affidavit form is a document that can be used if a spouse or family member passes and there is less than $32,047 (figure adjusted for inflation) of total worth of assets in their estate and no will was made on the part of the decedent. Therefore this document may be used to notify the Probate Court (See List) that the estate falls under Statute 43-2-692 and that the surviving heir/spouse may bypass the probate process and have full rights to the decedent’s property.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word.

Step 2 – Begin by filling-in the first page of the document;

  • Intro – Name of person deceased and the county in which they resided while living
  • Section 1 – Name of decedent, date of death, and the county where they passed
  • Section 3 – Name of Affiant (person filling-in the form)
  • Section 4 – Address of affiant
  • Section 6 – Enter the amount of $32,047 (figure adjusted for inflation)
  • Section 8 – Enter how many days have passed since the decedent died.
  • Section 11 – Enter all heirs of the decedent
  • Section 13 – List all assets including the value
  • Section 14 – List all liabilities and debt of the decedent
  • Section 15 – Enter the heirs and/or devisees who are entitled to certain property
  • Signature – The affiant should sign in addition to a notary public witnessing the authorization. Also, the probate court may require that two (2) individuals that knew the decedent sign the last page of the form.